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Embed PDF Reader in WordPress

In this article we will discuss how to embed a vertical PDF reader into a WordPress page using our basic shortcode.

Why PDF reader? #

Most PDF readers use vertical scrolling for displaying PDF documents. That mode is also the default mode in DearPDF. It is best suited when displaying text intensive PDF documents, like, articles, manuals, etc. If the PDF has graphic and images we suggest using 3D Flipbook mode.

If your PDF document has mainly text or different size pages, PDF Reader mode will be best suitable.

Example ShortCode: #

[dearpdf id="69" ][/dearpdf]

Example Output: #

How to create: #

  1. Create a new Post in DearPDF. Goto DearPDF -> Add Post
  2. Give title to your new Post
  3. Select the PDF you want to add by clicking Select PDF.
  4. Select the Thumbnail to your 3D Flipbook post.
  5. Goto Layout Tab
  6. Set Viewer Type to Vertical Reader
  7. Click on Publish.
  8. Shortcode will now appear on Shortcode Box(top right corner of page)
  9. Copy the shortcode and paste it on the Post/page you want to embed the flipbook.

4 thoughts on “Embed PDF Reader in WordPress”

    1. Did you paste it in Gutenberg/simple Post editor from WordPress or inside some other Page editor.
      Make sure the editor/plugin parses shortcodes. also make sure the plugin is active.

      If you can share the link to your site/pages , it will be helpful to understand.

      Best Regards

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