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Change Log

2.0.71: #

  • Added: Detection of 3D support in browser
  • Added: Download handles https and http mismatch.
  • Fixed: PDF Loading info fluctuation when pdf was zipped – fixed
  • Fixed: Buttons not working in Ajax loaded content
  • Improved: Freemius Core updated to 2.5.10
  • Improved: Options sanitization
  • Improved: Deep-links now work on same page – similar to page bookmarks

2.0.58: #

  • Add: Default thumb placeholder added
  • Add: onCreate Callback added
  • Add: shortcode attributes support
  • Fix: Auto thumb generation issue resolved
  • Fix: Default viewer was not detected as “reader” , reset to “reader”
  • Fix: IOS thumb size issue fixed
  • Fix: Blank pages in Single Page mode resolved
  • Improvement: 2D Flipbook improved and has better flips with variable pages
  • Improvement: Page label size calculation
  • Improvement: Bookmark navigation improves handling of zombie(old) requests
  • Improvements: 3D Cover color doesn’t affect the texture anymore

2.0.30: #

  • Improvement: PDF.js updated to version 2.12.313

1.2.62: #

  • Fix: Rotated pages support

1.2.61: #

  • Add: WordPress version 6.0 compatibility
  • Fix: Double Internal Format support for single page PDF
  • Fix: Zoom issue in flipbook booklet mode solved
  • Improvement: Pagenumber displayed in thumbs
  • Improvement: Partial loading message display
  • Improvement: dearPdfLocation is now converted to absolute if relative path is provided
  • Improvement: Fullscreen improved
  • Improvement: TextureSize is maxLimited to 3200, reduces crashes in highResDevices

1.1.84: #

  • Fix: data-page option was missing
  • Fix: Ajax shortcode issue patch
  • Improvement: Resize logic improvement
  • Improvement: Page rendering cleanup

1.1.75: #

  • Added: Sound option is added
  • Added: Documentation links for settings
  • Fix: Security fixes related to XSS
  • Fix: Vertical reader fullscreen and resize doesn’t change page position
  • Fix: Wp-admin bar and pdf viewer height conflict
  • Improvement: Flipbook 3D flipbook shadows are smoother
  • Improvement: Flipbook Single page mode used in mobile
  • Improvement: Vertical reader is optimized, has new scroll
  • Improvement: Settings categorized, shortcodes organized

1.0.116: #

  • Fix: Fullscreen issues
  • Fix: Auto HTML links to pdf viewer is now refined
  • Improvement: Supports pdf viewer inside tabs

1.0.92: #

  • Added: Read Direction option. Now supports RTL PDFs
  • Added: Disable Range option. Useful when servers don’t support proper partial loading – happens with improper nginx servers.

1.0.89: #

  • Added: Height option
  • Added: Background Color option
  • Added: Background Image option
  • Added: Download Enable/Disable option
  • Fixed: Mobile single page mode and touch in PDF Flipbook Viewer
  • Improvement: Default Page size calculation in double internal PDF Flipbook
  • Improvement: PDFPage cleanup and Double internal issue
  • Improvement: Vertical PDF Reader Optimized and issue cleanup

1.0.76: #

  • Plugin released on

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