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DearFlip vs DearPDF WordPress plugins

DearFlip WordPress Flipbook plugin is one of our mature product that creates flipbooks out of images and PDF – A Flipbook Solution. While it provides PDF viewing solution, it cannot be used to view all kinds of PDF. It requires all pages to be of same size and cannot display PDFs with different page sizes. Also DearFlip is not a best solution with PDF that has text content. That is solved by DearPDF – PDF Viewer!

Why use DearFlip Flipbook plugin? #

  1. If flipbooks are you main requirement instead of PDFs
  2. If you have images that needs to be displayed as flipbooks

Why use DearPDF PDF Viewer? #

  1. If PDFs are your main concern and require a solution to display them
  2. PDF file has different pages sizes and orientation.
  3. DearPDF is based on ES6 platform, and is faster and efficient.

Most of our DearFlip users use PDFs for its versatile nature. But not every PDF can be used with DearFlip, But now it can be viewed with DearPDF.

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