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Customizing PDF Links

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PDF links color can be changed with custom CSS. By default it is yellow color.

Background color can be changed with background-color attribute. It accepts common color names like: red ,blue, green or even hexadecimal values like #223344

The opacity attribute sets the transparency. When opacity is set to 0, while link will be invisible.

Customizations can be achieved using custom CSS. On WordPress – We recommend using Theme Customizer -> Additional CSS section for adding Custom CSS. Or a custom code plugin if you change themes often.

Stylesheet CSS: #

The following CSS sets the background color of link to red and it’s opacity to 0.3

.buttonWidgetAnnotation a, .customHtmlAnnotation, .customVideoAnnotation, a.customLinkAnnotation, a.dp-autolink, a.linkAnnotation, section.linkAnnotation a {
    background-color: red;
    opacity: 0.3;

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