Settings and Options

Source Settings #

PDF File #

A PDF file is required for the viewer to work. This is required. We recommend using PDF files from the same domain or from domain with proper CORS access.

PDF Thumbnail Image (Pro) #

A PDF Thumb is displayed when thumb lightbox is used in your page.

General Settings #

Viewer Type #

Viewer Type determines which viewers to use. Possible options are: Vertical Reader, Flipbook

Container Height #

Height of the flipbook container when in normal mode.
500for 500px
autofor autofit height
100%for 100% height (of parent element, else it will be 320px).

Background Color #

Background color in hexadecimal format eg:#FFF or #666666 or transparent

Background Image #

Background image JPEG or PNG format

Enable Download #

Enable PDF download

Controls Position (Pro) #

Choose where you want to display the controls bar or not display at all.

Auto Open Outline (Pro) #

Auto open Outline/Table of content sidebar when pdf viewer loads.

Auto Open Thumbnail (Pro) #

Auto open thumbnail sidebar when pdf viewer loads.

Flipbook Settings #

Flipbook 3D or 2D #

Choose the mode of display. WebGL for realistic 3d

Enable 3D Cover (Pro) #

Enable 3D Thick cover. Happens only when there are more than 10 pages.

3D Book Cover Color (Pro) #

Color in hexadecimal format eg:#FFF or #666666

Auto Enable Sound #

Enable or disable Sound when flipbook starts

Flip Duration (Pro) #

Duration for flip animation.

Reading Direction #

Choose if the PDF follows Left to Right or Right to Left Reading Direction.

Page Mode (Pro) #

Choose whether you want single mode or double page mode. Recommended Auto

Single Page Mode (Pro) #

Choose how the single page will behave. If set to Auto, then in mobiles single page mode will be in Booklet mode

Advanced Settings #

Disable Partial Loading #

Partial loading, Chunk issues are discovered in some servers and browsers. Disabling range can fix that issue.

PDF Partial Loading Chunk Size (Pro) #

Choose the size chunk size to be loaded on demand

Other Global Settings (Pro) #

More Controls – CASE SENSITIVE (Pro) #

Choose the size Names of Controls in more Control Bar
altPrev, pageNumber, altNext, outline, thumbnail, zoomIn, zoomOut, fullScreen,share, more, download, pageMode, startPage, endPage, soundd

Hide Controls – CASE SENSITIVE (Pro) #

Names of Controls to be hidden.

Padding Left (Pro) #

Padding on left side of Flipbook.

Padding Right (Pro) #

Padding on right side of Flipbook.

Padding Top (Pro) #

Padding on top side of Flipbook.

Padding Bottom (Pro) #

Padding on bottom side of Flipbook.

PDF.js Version (Pro) #

Choose which version of PDF.js rendering Engine to use.

Auto convert PDF links on page to viewers (Pro) #

If the link is set to open in new tab or download, conversion will not happen.

Attachment PDF page auto Lightbox (Pro) #

When opening attachment page for PDF, display lightbox instead of embedded flipbook.

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