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Customizing 3D Flipbook Cover

This is a Pro Feature. If your PDF flipbook has more than 7 pages, you can have a Hard book like design. 3D Flipbook mode provides an option to add Color to the cover pages. This provides a hard book like look and feel and add more realistic look. This can be set in DearPDF post settings.

How to create: #

  1. Create a new Post in DearPDF. Goto DearPDF -> Add Post
  2. Give title to your new Post
  3. Select the PDF you want to add by clicking Select PDF.
  4. Select the Thumbnail to your 3D Flipbook post or wait for the autogenerated thumb.
  5. Set Viewer Type to Flipbook
  6. Set Flipbook 3D or 2D to WebGL 3D
  7. Set the Cover color to your liking, red, green, blue or any hexadecimal value.
  8. Click on Publish.
  9. Shortcode will now appear on Shortcode Box(top right corner of page)
  10. Copy the shortcode and paste it on the Post/page you want to embed the flipbook.

FAQs #

What color is best suited for my 3D PDF Flipbook? #

We suggest taking the primary color or secondary color of the cover page. In this example we have green as primary color and light green as secondary color.

Can I turn off the 3D Cover? #

Yes you can, just set the Enable 3D Cover to False. That will use a normal page for your cover.

My Flipbook doesn’t have 3D Cover even when it’s turned on? #

3D Cover has an extra filter which requires at least 7 Pages in the pdf flipbook.

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