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Experimental customizations are not included by default and are extended to the plugin. Please use with caution and proper consent.

Case: #

Translate the text in Controls

Demo: #

Process: #

We use onReady function to detect the viewer state. These are added to DEARPDF.defaults variable so that every flipbook on the page uses the customization.

        DEARPDF.defaults.text.downloadPDFFile = "Translated Download PDF File Text";

Available Variables : Default Text

close : "Close"
doublePageMode : "Double Page Mode"
downloadPDFFile : "Download PDF File"
gotoFirstPage : "Goto First Page"
gotoLastPage : "Goto Last Page"
loading : "Loading"
mailBody : "Check out this site {{url}}"
mailSubject : "I wanted you to see this FlipBook"
nextPage : "Next Page"
pageFit : "Fit Page"
pause : "Pause AutoPlay"
play : "Start AutoPlay"
previousPage : "Previous Page"
print : "Print"
resetZoom : "Reset Zoom"
search : "Search in PDF"
share : "Share"
singlePageMode : "Single Page Mode"
toggleFullscreen : "Toggle Fullscreen"
toggleHelp : "Toggle Help"
toggleOutline : "Toggle Outline/Bookmark"
toggleSound : "Turn on/off Sound"
toggleThumbnails : "Toggle Thumbnails"
widthFit : "Fit Width"
zoomIn : "Zoom In"
zoomOut : "Zoom Out"
Available Variables:

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